The National Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation of Canada Announces third round Grant recipients


Greetings fellow 60's Scoop Survivors, Descendants, and Extended Community Members.

The National Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation of Canada's volunteer Board of Directors passed the third round of grant recipients, at the first in-person annual general meeting this summer. Our 2023 successful grant applicants (Foundation Partners) will combine total of $2,292,635.00 million in funding under the Foundation’s 2023 Grant Program.

The Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation is an independent organization established through the National Sixties Scoop Settlement. Our survivor-led, volunteer Board of Directors representing First Nation, Inuit and Métis members across Canada was appointed in November 2020 to make the Foundation a reality. 

Our mission is to prudently and professionally manage the Foundation funds and to annually award grants to organizations that can provide effective support and healing services to Sixties Scoop Survivors in all regions of Canada.

The Foundation does not provide direct healing or reunification to Survivors or their families: this is the role of grant recipients across Canada which could be regional Sixties Scoop organizations, Indigenous Friendship Centre's, and other healing program providers.

One of the core mandates of the Foundation is to provide funding to these regional organizations so that they may execute tailored regional healing and reunification programs to meet their specific local and cultural needs. Every spring the Foundation opens its Grant Funding Application Process and in the past three years, since the establishment of the permanent board of Directors the Board has successfully managed to grant over 6.7 million to 38 organizations across Canada from, sea to sea to sea, in each region of Canada for Inuit, First Nation and Metis Scoop Survivors so as to begin the work of healing survivors through reclamation, reunion, and cultural practices reconnecting them to what has been lost.

In May the Foundation made a call for applications from organizations across Canada to apply for the 2023 Grants Program.

This year sixteen organizations were selected for the 2023 Grant Program and brief description of their registered charity / Implementing agency and Program/Project provided below:

John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights & Sixties Scoop Indigenous Society of Alberta - Health and Mental Wellness Pilot (Survivor led)
Grant amount: $508,518.00 

Canadian Disability Resources Society Inc & Indigenous Wellness Training Society - Indigenous Cultural Wisdom Exchange (Survivor led)
Grant amount: $100,000.00 

Kermode Friendship Society - Kermode Cultural Liaison Coordinator
Grant amount: $100,000.00 

The Raven Collective Society - Bunk #7 Community Talks Back (Survivor led) (Newsletter,  Photo collage and Flyer)
Grant amount: $15,000.00 

Brandon Friendship Center Inc. - Reclaiming and Reconnecting Through Language Culture and Arts
Grant amount: $239,240.00 

Social Planning Council of Winnipeg Inc. & Southern Chiefs Organization - Sixties Scoop Awareness Campaign
Grant amount: $150,000.00 

First Light St John’s Friendship Centre - Cultural Connections
Grant amount: $96,200.00 

Home Base Yellowknife & Tłįchǫ Łeàgı̨ą Ts'ı̨ı̨lı̨ Kǫ - Tłį chǫ Friendship Centre (TLTK) - Sixties Scoop Healing on Our Land (Survivor led)
Grant amount: $134,835.00 

Volcano - Waiting for Godot - Inuktitut Reclamation of language and Identity. (Survivor led)
Grant amount: $88,000.00 

Anishnabeg Outreach Employment & Training Inc. -Healing Paths: Empowering Sixties Scoop Survivors, Families, and their Descendants
Grant amount: $245,000.00 

Arts Orillia - Binoojiinayg gaa bi giiwejig -Children Who Came Home
Grant amount: $51,500.00 

Listowel- Wingham and Area Family Health Team & Kaswenta/Two Row Now - Tipi Development Gowanstown, Ontario (Survivor led)
Grant amount: $67,850.00 

Mohawk Village Memorial Park - Mohawk Village Memorial Park’s Healing Pathway (Survivor led)
Grant amount: $34,500.00 

Odawa Native Friendship Centre - Pow Wow 101 (Photo of the first day with Board of Director Danelle St-Laurent)
Grant amount: $157,000.00 

Centre for International Sustainable Development and Law & Voices of Future Generations Children’s Initiative (Survivor led)
Grant amount: $150,000.00 

Native Friendship Centre Montreal - Karonhi:io Food Security Program
Grant amount: $154,992.00

The Grant Program is rooted from the 2021 Pilot Grant Projects and the 2nd phase 2022 Grant Program

The Foundation’s Programs Committee , who selected the final recipients, chose proposals that demonstrated direct investment into restoring the health, healing and wellness of Survivors, their families and/or descendants; their capacity to deliver the project in a culturally safe and trauma informed manner; the extent to which their mission aligns with the Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation; and if the funding request fit the scope of proposal.

We are grateful for your continued support of the Foundation and invite you to learn more about our grant recipients as they continue their work contributing to the healing and wellness of our community.   

In the spirit of healing, restoration and solidarity,  gilakas'la, kinanâskomitin, marsee, marsi cho, migwetch, nia;wen, niaut, nakummek, nakirmiik, tshinashkumitin, wela'lin, tiawenhk, wliWni, tiniki, LimLimpt, merci, thank you,  

National Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation of Canada Board Members
Wayne Garnons-Williams, Acting Chief Executive Officer
Shirley Cardinal, Acting Chair
Selina Legge, Treasurer/Secretary
Eric Phillips, Board Member
Danelle St-Laurent, Board Member
Michael Christian, Board Member