THe sixties scoop healing foundation's 2023 Grant Program - CAll for applications

Spring 2023 News from the staff

For the first time, I see a chance for us to get back some of what most of us have lost.
Today, The Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation is proud to announce the Spring 2023 Grant Program - Call for Applications

The Grant roll out builds from the 2022 Grant program and will continue to prioritize Indigenous led organizations with charitable status with a focus on building partnerships and collaboration with organizations that serve Sixties Scoop Survivors.

In order to meet the needs of local organizations serving Sixties Scoop Survivors who do not have charitable status, the SSHF has developed an intermediary agreement to allow qualified donees to be able to take on a project as its own activity and engage a non-qualified donee to carry it out. This agreement will need to be signed and submitted with the application form.

Projects funded under the 2023 Grant Program will make direct investments in the health, healing and wellness of Sixties Scoop Survivors, their families, and descendants.

Read more about the 2023 Grant, including eligibility, required materials, and review criteria.

2023 Application Guidelines are now available below. 

The deadline to submit your letter of intent (LOI) to apply by email is May 17, 2023, Wednesday.

The deadline to submit your application is June 07, 2023, Wednesday 9 PM/21:00 Eastern Time.

Please submit LOI and full application to:

We all carry a common thread within our stories, of the search to find a place of belonging. We have also come to know that we are all committed to the work ahead, especially the need to get things right for the best interests of those affected by the Sixties Scoop; this is our number one priority.

Thank you for your patience as we have laid the groundwork for the Foundation, one that is created by Survivors for Survivors.

It is our honour to serve the community in this way. 

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In the spirit of healing, restoration, and solidarity, gilakas'la, kinanâskomitin, marsee, marsi cho, migwetch, nia;wen, niaut, nakummek, nakirmiik, tshinashkumitin, wela'lin, tiawenhk, tiniki, wliWni, merci, thank you.

 Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation Staff
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