Our Vision:

Survivors are welcomed and have become a community filled with healing and wellness, and the world has deeper knowledge and empathy for Survivors' experiences and histories.

Our Mission:

Every day, we will accompany Sixties Scoop Survivors and their descendants along their healing journey. We do this through:

• Cultural reclamation and Reunification
• Holistic wellness services
• Advocacy
• Commemoration
• Educational initiatives

OUR Values

The following values underpin our vision, mission, and mandate – guiding decision-making, collaborations, and communications with those we serve:
1. Accountability & Transparency
2. Honesty & Integrity  
3. Kindness, Compassion & Empathy  
4. Culture-based 5. Inclusivity & Acceptance  
6. Accessibility & Equity  
7. Safety  
8. Holistic Multigenerational Perspective  
9. Survivor-centred

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