Summer 2023 News from the Staff - Search for an Executive Director

2023 News from the staff

Greetings Survivors, Descendants, and extended community members.

With the arrival of new staff members this Spring, we too, for the Foundation emerge from beneath a blanket of organizational work laid by the volunteer Board of Directors. We have been working diligently at keeping things in place in order to become operative.  

First there was familiarizing ourselves with each other in our new role(s) and discovering the gifts of each one Virtually. Due to the pandemic, we have persevered having not meet in person.  We have also come to know that we are all committed to the work ahead, especially the need to get things right for the best interests of those affected by the Sixties Scoop; this is our number one priority.  

Second, The Foundation is an incorporated national charitable organization, and this requires us to assess, develop and establish policies and procedures that hold up to regular audits and ensure that our actions will flow from a solid foundation. We want to be able to move forward with confidence and credibility.  

Other behind the scenes work had to do with updating and creating virtual staff procedures and regulations so that we have proper administrative resources in place that would allow us to operate smoothly regardless of human resource management.  Most importantly, we follow the Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Values and Action Plan for the Foundation.  

The Foundation’s Vision, Mission and Values really represent the heart of our activities; they were guided and informed by the voices of our fellow Survivors from across the country who provided their vision and ideas about what the Foundation should represent and how it should carry out its Mandate.

The Foundations Mandate is: We are a Registered Charity who are required to administer 5% in Grants Annually to Charitable organizations We are excited to share with you where we are in this journey.  

One very important aspect of this ongoing work has been the development of the Human Resources and business plan and we wrapped up the most recent call for applications for the 2023 Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation Grant program which will be announced shortly.

We are also very excited to have now carry out our search for a New Executive Director. This individual is the person who will be the face of the Foundation and will play an integral role in the development of grants, services and supports to Survivors. More information about this position is now available on the website and we invite you to review the posting and share with your networks.  

Finally, as employees we are acutely aware of the expectations our Survivor community has for the Foundation in terms of providing direct Survivor support. This expectation has fueled our passion for getting the groundwork in place to meet these goals. We want you to know that we have seen and heard some of your frustrations and we understand why there may exist some uncertainty about how the Foundation will benefit the Survivor community.  We have funded credible programs and services in order to expedite some much-needed support services to our Survivor community. This initial support is available to you now, 2021 grant program, 2022 grant Program, and we will provide regular updates on these programs for you on the website very soon.  

Thank you for your patience as we have laid the groundwork for the Foundation, one that is created by Survivors for Survivors. It is our honour to serve our community in this way.

Director of Communications Rochelle Guiboche