The Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation welcomes Executive Assistant Deborah-ruth Ferber


Greetings fellow Survivors and Adoptees, and extended community members,

Spring message from the staff at The Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation are pleased to announce the appointment of new Executive Assistant Deborah-Ruth Ferber.

Deborah serves as the Executive Assistant with the Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation with more than a decade worth of experiences in the non-profit and charitable sectors including: health and social care, disability inclusion and activism, education, addictions and mental wellness and spiritual care.  Her expertise includes clinical counselling primarily using narrative therapy and family systems, professional ethics, and project organization and implementation.  

Miss Ferber holds a Master's of Divinity, Graduate Certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies, Bachelor's of Education, and additional courses related to psychotherapy and grief counselling. 

Her passion and interest in working and supporting marginalized adults with complex mental health issues, dual diagnoses, and past incarceration records, including the homeless, at risk youth, people with disabilities, and those facing mental wellness issues. 

Deborah's research has been published within Canada and internationally and she currently serves as the Saskatchewan Chair of Ethics and as a representative on a Nation-Wide Indigenous Reconciliation Commission.

We are grateful for your continued support of the Foundation and invite you to support our new Staff members on their new journey premised on trusted relationships, respect, reciprocity.  In the spirit of healing, restoration and solidarity,  gilakas'la, kinanâskomitin, marsee, marsi cho, migwetch, nia;wen, niaut, nakummek, nakirmiik, tshinashkumitin, wela'lin, tiawenhk, wliWni, nakummek, tiniki, LimLimpt, merci, thank you,

Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation Staff.